Prefabricated flumes provide measurement of flow in open systems. 

Palmer-Bowlus Flumes Features:  

  • Trapezoidal throat design ensures high velocity at critical flow levels
  • Minimal flow restriction, low energy loss and better measurement accuracies at both low flow and peak capacity
  • Smooth gel coated surfaces minimize friction and prevent solids build-up
  • One-piece molded construction makes installation quick, easy and cost effective
  • Components are made with corrosion resistant materials
  • Maintenance free, accurate and economical
parshall flumes
Parshall Flumes Features:
  • Made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester resins laid up over white isophthallic gel-coat
  • Rigid 1-piece construction and are especially well suited for measuring liquids containing solids
  • Smooth surface and internal flow lines help reduce measuring errors that occur with the accumulation of debris
  • Embedded staff gauge with calibration units in 0.1’, 0.02’ & ¼’’ increments
  • Attached stilling wells in 12’’, 10’’, 8’’ and 6’’ I.D. can be supplied
  • Shuttle® Ultrasonic Level Meter with support bracket for Shuttle® Level Transmitter
  • 2 ½’’ wide standard end flanges in fiber glass
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