704 level

The MJK 704 Level / Pump Controller is a microprocessor based unit used with either an ultrasonic sensor or a hydrostatic pressure transmitter or 4-20 mA input. This instrument can be used to control up to 4 pumps or valves between adjustable levels. Functions for control, alarm, indication and flow calculation are selectable. The Level Controller is supplied with serial data communication capabilities so that it can be connected to a SCADA System.

Features include: 

  • Standard measurement ranges from 0 -10 ft. up to 0 - 100 ft. in liquids / sludge
  • Measures and indicates level, numbers of starts, pump run time, calculates capacity and output for each pump and total capacity for the whole pumping station
  • Direct indication of elevation for use in flood plains or areas where USGS elevations are required
  • Text display for programming and reading of measurement values
  • 4 relays for control and alarms
  • Lead/lag pump alternation

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