HydroScientific West is a California S Corporation based in Poway California. We are a key industry contact providing the latest in premium hydrology/water resource, irrigation, & oceanographic technology and services.

HydroScientific West markets and sells, installs, supports, repairs, troubleshoots, and builds supporting hardware to complement our comprehensive flow, water quality, and environmental instrumentation products.  Our company has installed over 250 water measurement systems throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona. We know our products intuitively which frees the user to focus on his/her everyday tasks and objectives.

Our services side of the house specializes in the following:

  • Project engineering
  • Bathymetric Surveys
  • System installations
  • Electrical design and support for flow monitoring and control structures
  • SCADA & PLC programming
  • Training and Support
  • Fish Screen Validation
  • Software and Database development
  • Radio Path Studies
  • Flow Discharge Measurements
  • Velocity Measurements

Our customers feel confident that their risk is minimized by working with us due to our years of experience using and developing some of the technologies we sell and support. From concept, design construction, programming, and commissioning, HydroScientific West can assist you with your data acquisition and control needs.

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