coastal river and lake hydrographic surveys

HydroScientific West offers hydrographic survey services studies which include determining bathymetry, 3D velocity profiles and depth of the body of water.     

We use the following hardware and software to collect data and report:
  • StreamLine GEO bathymetry hardware and software 
  • RiverSurveyor M9
  • HydroSurveyor
  • RTK DGPS (where applicable)

This data is collected with these instruments which measure the absolute depth at the measurement point. The instrument is moved across the water attached to a boat or floating platform. Once data is collected we process it using software tools we have in house:  
  • RiverSurveyor Live software
  • HydroSurveyor
  • Surfer v11.0
  • Custom reports which can incorporate  Adobe and Flash for data presentation
Our services for coastal, river and lake hydrographic surveys include:
  • Creating survey line plans
  • Preparing map tiles for survey areas
  • Collecting bathymetry, velocity and RTK-GPS data based on user requirements
  • Collecting CastAway CTD data at a specified interval for sound speed correction
  • Creating interpolated bathymetry using collected data
  • Exporting all collected and interpolated data in Matlab and ASCII format
  • Creating detailed report with survey area map, data, charts and final results