flow discharge measurements

HydroScientific West provides flow and water velocity measurement services. We have personally executed over 5000 stream, river, and canal measurements over the years in bodies of water ranging from the Colorado and Columbia rivers to as small as a lateral turnout on a growers property at an irrigation district. We are able to make these wide array of measurements using our own in in house instrumentation which includes:

  • Hand Held Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV, SonTek FlowTracker)
  • 3.0 MHz RiverSurveyor
  • SonTek M9 and S5 discharge profiling platforms (with RTK)
  • Argonaut SL 3.0 MHz and 1.5 MHz
  • Argonaut SW 3.0 MHz 
  • SonTek IQ Plus and IQ standard
  • StreamLine GEO bathymetry hardware and software 
This data is collected with these instruments which measure the speed and direction of the flows within the river. The instrument is moved across the river attached to a boat or floating platform or installed in an autonomous state over a period of time and determination of the total flow is achieved. Once flow or veleocity data is collected we process it using software tools we have in house which include:  
  • RiverSurveyor Live software
  • FlowPak velocity indexing software
  • Surfer v11.0
  • Custom reports which can incorporate  Adobe and Flash for data presentation
With our in-house resources of hardware, software, and personnel, HydroScientific West leads the industry in accurate, unbiased and complete flow measurement services.