lake and reservoir bathymetry

HydroScientific West offers bathymetry and lake/reservoir studies which include determining volume of the body of water. Data collected from these tasks can offer insight to the health and carrying capacity of the test article which include:

  • Sediment inflow or deposition from rivers, streams, canals
  • Volume of deposition over time
  • Volume/holding capacity of the lake or reservoir
We use the following hardware and software to collect data and report:
  • StreamLine GEO bathymetry hardware and software 
  • RiverSurveyor M9
  • HydroSurveyor
  • RTK DGPS (where applicable)
This data is collected with these instruments which measure the absolute depth at the measurement point. The instrument is moved across the water attached to a boat or floating platform. Once data is collected we process it using software tools we have in house:
  • RiverSurveyor Live software
  • HydroSurveyor
  • Surfer v11.0
  • Custom reports which can incorporate  Adobe and Flash for data presentation