mace floseries 3 cards

 Add-on cards for flow metering, flow monitoring and data logging

  Multiple cards for multiple sensor applications. The XCi platform is expandable and future proof, only add cards as and when you need them. The XCi (multiple card interface) developed by MACE for the FloPro, AgriFlo and HydroMace allows the user to connect just about any sensor. Users can install any combination of the MACE FloSeries3 cards shown below, in the five available card slots of an XCi device. Choose the right card(s) for your application to tailor the device to your exact monitoring requirements.
  • Doppler Card - provides the input for connecting MACE Doppler ultrasonic velocity sensors.
  • I/O (input/output) Card - supports seven sensor inputs and four control outputs including 4-20mA, voltage and digital.  The card also supplies 12V to power your add-on sensors.
  • Pulse I/O Card - powers (+5VDC or + 12VDC) a single pulsing flow sensor and provides a pulse output.  This allows an XCi device the ability to sense pulses from non-MACE flow sensors.
  • FloSi Card - card provides an SDI-12 or ModBus output to interface an XCi device to SCADA systems.
  • SDI-12 Master Card – provides an XCi device with the ability to control and log SDI-12 sensors.
  • WebComm Card – provides a MACE FloSeries 3 devices (FloPro XCi, AgriFlo XCi and HydroMace XCi) the ability to automatically upload internal logged data to the web-based MACE Data Server via mobile telephone networks.  The MACE Data Server is integrated with the and websites allowing easy access for retrieval of field data.

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