Use the Shuttle Ultrasonic Level Transmitter for level measuring in tanks, wells, containerss, weirs, flumes, canals, etc. The Shuttle is an advanced microprocessor based ultrasonic level meter with an intelligent, precise measuring system utilizing the latest hardware and software technology. This instrument has a one-step measurement start-up procedure that is easy to follow and easy to modify the set-up of all functions, controls and signal management features. There is an easy to read LCD-display for both setup and indication. Actual level is indicated with both a bar graph and with digits in millimeters, centimeters, meters, feet and inches. The digital readout can be chosen as either relative level or absolute level.

Some features include:

  • Advanced micro-processor based ultrasonic level meter with an intelligent and very precise measuring system
  • Provides simple and logical operation, using advanced technology resulting in a high quality product at a competitive price
  • Ultrasonic measuring system with 3 sensors measuring ranges from 0-4 inches to 80 ft
  • Learning-function allows the Shuttle® Level Transmitter to learn how the tank is arranged with piping, pumps and other items that might interfere with the measurement
  • 2 output relays for level / system alarm or alternating pump control with duty and standby cycles
  • 4 - 20 mA output with zero and span adjustment
  • Indication of the strength of the echo signal with a bar graph
  • Very narrow ultrasonic pulse signal concentrates signal strength for minimum sensitivity to foam and sludge on the surface of the liquid
  • 10 - 30 V DC or 115 V AC supply
  • FM approved sensors for hazardous areas

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