system installations integration

HydroScientific West is an electrical/controls design and electrical construction integrator. Our engineering experience in the water, oil and gas and irrigation industries has allowed us to serve our customers offering a one source solution. We can design, provide blueprints for submittals, install, test/commission and provide training and ongoing maintenance for the end user. This allows the customer/end user to focus more on there day to day tasks instead of supervising engineers, contractors, inspectors, technicians, and programmers. As an electrical C10 contractor in the state of California(#515151), we have provided full turnkey designed, installed, and commission flow systems that include:

  • Oil and Gas transfer facilities velocity monitoring systems using acoustic Doppler technology
  • Experience in Class I Div I and II and intrinsically safe systems
  • Computerized telemetry SCADA systems
  • Industrial wastewater effluent flowmeter using flumes, level/stage to compute flow and acoustic Doppler technology with SCADA
  • Wastewater monitoring of pH, ORP, DO, conductivity
  • Data acquisition using data loggers remotely moving data using radios or CDMA modems
  • Experience with Modbus, DNP3, SDI12 communication protocols
  • Water System Well pump stations
  • Repeater Systems for Water Revenue systems
  • PLC programming for all types of processes using simple or complex algorithms
  • Instrument and electrical control panels, stainless, fiberglass and painted steel (NEMA 1 thru 4x)
  • Experiencece with High Voltage work (4,160/2300) to low voltage DC
  • BuildingofCustomflumes with a carrying capacity from 10 CFS to 500 CFS
HydroScientific West is very proactive in packaging maintenance programs before an instrument or an automatic control system is in need of repair  to maintain the equipment’s condition. Even if the system is old and has been repaired before, chances are maintenance could have headed off those costly repairs. Preventative maintenance can save you money by eliminating those unnecessary emergency call outs and prevent unexpected down time due to unforeseen failures of your equipment. HydroScientific West offers the customer an after construction maintenance program.  Maintenance programs can be set up for almost any piece of equipment or instrument. 

Some of the benefits of maintenance programs are: 

  • Review of the equipment before it fails
  • Provides history and on going condition of equipment before it fails
  • Saves money by preventing unnecessary emergency call outs
  • Maintenance labor service rates are less than emergency rates
  • Maintaining accuracy on those instruments and/or meters that are used to charge you or that you use to charge others with
  • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual maintenance programs