yunzhou esm30

Revolutionary Solution for Fast Response of Water Pollution Accident

Emergency Sampling & Monitoring Vessel ESM30 is designed for quick response when emergency water sampling and monitoring is needed. Equipped with obstacle avoidance sensors and real-time video transmission, the ES30 is specially designed for fast response to sudden water pollution accidents in complicated environments, to both take samples and provide real time monitoring.  Specifically designed for environmental applications, the ESM30 is compatible with different brands of water quality sonde, making it the perfect tool for gathering water quality information.

Key funtions: 

  • Standard water sampling
  • Online water quality monitoring
  • Emergency fast response and pollution tracking
  • Water quality mapping

Product highlights:

  • Autonomous navigation and intelligent obstical avoidance
  • Water data output and mapping function
  • 6.2 mile data and 3.1 mile video transmission with real time monitoring
  • 6 hours endurance
  • Compatible with common water quality probes


  • Length - 45.28"
  • Width - 29.53"
  • Height - 16.93"
  • Weight - 57.32 lbs.
  • Max speed is 2 m/s ( 4.47 mph )
  • Water sampling depth range is 11.81" to 19.68"

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