The Connect is a process controller, RTU, monitor, data logger and telemetry transmitter in one compact device. MJK’s modular design allows for up to 1000 ft. between the Connect Controller and RTU, additional Connect units or other remote-connected signal converters like MJK MagFlux and MJK SuSix. One Connect with one display unit can control and transfer digital measuring values for up to four MagFlux, Oxix and/or SuSix signal converters saving wiring and space while providing an overview for larger installations.The Modbus RTU communication protocol is used locally to connect to other transmitters and signal converters. For remote connections both Modbus and other popular communication protocols can be integrated with SCADA installations.

Features include: 

  • Easily monitors and manages all elements in a pump station
  • Simple to operate cell phone-like menu structure identical with other MJK signal converters
  • User-definable screens can display up to 8 overview screens each with 8 text lines, and all parameters can be defined and set up individually
  • The display unit contains a local data logger for more than 160,000 time-stamped values that can be backed-up or shown via a csv file on an ordinary PC
  • Connection and setup are via a standard USB port and the free MJK Field-Link software utility and Instrument Link
  • MJK’s energy optimization software provides substantial power consumption savings - typically approximately 30%, all with flow and wattage monitoring and frequency control
  • One Connect can be equipped with up to 16 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, 6 analog inputs and 1 analog outputs. All can be configured for alarms, counters, etc
  • Wired and wireless communication options permit Connect® to be used in the plant, out on nearby sites or in very remote locations
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