mace hydromace xci


The rugged, ready to use, data logger for remote locations.  Data logging and telemetry in one package.

  The HydroMace XCi (multiple card interface) can be used to monitor just about any environmental sensor.  The image below illustrates an example of the a HydroMace system that can measure the water flow in a river.  For detailed information click on the image.

             HydroMace Solution River flow monitoring

  By installing any combination of the MACE cards shown below, the user can customize their system for their specific application.  This versatility allows the HydroMace XCi to monitor inputs as diverse as: Flumes & weirs, water quality sensors & rainfall gauges, drinking water flows (leak detection) and weather stations.  Also, if the system is configured with a WebComm card, the monitored environmental data can be uploaded to the MACE website and accessed free 24/7.  View additional application solution details by clicking on the following links:
  1. Flume & Weir monitoring
  2. Water Catchment monitoring
  3. Drinking Water Leak Detection
  4. Weather Station Monitoring

MACE Cards:

  • I/O card
  • Pulse I/O card
  • FloSI card
  • SDI Master card
  • WebComm card

View circuit card pdf


The HydroMace XCi continues the long heritage established by MACE over 40 years ago for remote data logging and telemetry. With a fully integrated data logger, solar regulator and battery housed in one rugged weatherproof enclosure, the HydroMace XCi is built to withstand the harshest of environments. Furthermore, the tradition of the HydroMace is continued by the ability to plug ‘n’ play just about any environmental sensor. With the license-free point ‘n’ click FloCom+ configuration software, no proprietary coding knowledge is required to get the HydroMace XCi going in record time!  

The XCi system includes:

  • Ruggedized weatherproof enclosure
  • Data logger
  • LCD display
  • Battery
  • FlowCom+ configuration and diagnostic software
Optional Application Specific:
  • Solar panel/regulator
  • Required application specific cards
  • Velocity/level sensors
  • Depth sensor
  • Water quality sensors

View HydroMace XCi Brochure       View HydroMace XCi Manual