Our projects page encompass a few of our larger past projects that we have completed successfully as well as any projects we are currently working on.  

USBR Bear Creek

Autonomous Flow Monitoring Stations This 2 year flow monitoring study aims to establish the amount of water losses that occur throughout the delivery of water supplies to the East Bear

Yuba County Water Agency

Remote flow stations with web based data monitoring  The goal of this project was to install and commission two flow monitoring stations at remote field locations for real-time data acquisition. Using

Casitas Water District

Fish Screen Validation The objective of this ongoing study is to validate the performance of fish screens located at a diversion damn and fish passage. Measurements are made with an

Plains All American

Current monitoring & PLC integrationIn response to a mandate by the state lands commission Plains All American sought a system to collect and store its own independent current data. This

Buena Vista Water Storage District

SCADA System for flow monitoring and gate control This system supports real time monitoring and gate control for 12 field stations. In this application, SCADA integration is utilized to collect data

Natomas Mutual Water Company

This 6 month comprehensive web based SCADA system was for real time flow monitoring and control.    System is composed of 9 stations equipped with a variety of integrated instrumentation including: radio

Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge

To provide real time data from 7 open channels though website Scope of Work: Radio Path Survey Site Selection and Installation Setting up server to uplink data on web

Solano Irrigation District

Monitored open and closed channel flows using various sensors, and reported data back to water control and district engineers.  Data archived on one server while another server acts as resident controller

Los Angeles Department Of Water & Power

Provided 16 flow monitoring stations of various reaches of the dormant Owens River to restore it to flow rates of 40 cfs. All of the Sites utilized acoustic Doppler flow instruments, analog

Kennewick Irrigation District

Installation and integration of new SCADA system for real time flow monitoring and control. System is composed of 14 out stations equipped with a variety of integrated instrumentation including: discrete frequency