radio path survey

In any remote SCADA application utilising outstations that comunicate using wireless technology it is imperative the radio paths are strong, minimal or no interference, and react in this manner day and night. Sometimes conditions we see and can not see can inhibit RF modulation in some form or another. The solution is simple. HydroScientific West can conduct a detailed radio path study to determine the probability of strong communication links (greater than 99% reliability) by testing in various frequency bands ( VHF, UHF, spread spectrum), and  using the  same equipment (radio, antennas, cables, and polyphasors) which would be used in a typical SCADA system. In addition we use software and GIS tools to first get an idea of terrain and obstructions that might inhibit good RF signal transmission. The signal strengths are assessed at various antenna heights to obtain a minimum threshold to ensure reliable transmissions with minimal data packet loss.