sommer rg 30

Sommer's RG-30 radar flow velocity sensor is designed for non-contact measurement of the surface flow velocity of bodies of water. Radar signals reflected by the moving surface of the water are used to determine the flow velocity of the irradiated surface. Compact construction and a noncontact measurement principle enable simple, uncomplicated installation and use. Application areas include flumes and enclosed drains. The RG-30 is especially suitable for measuring tasks where the use of conventional measuring systems is problematic, e.g. in the event of flooding.

Some additional features include:

  • Maintenance free
  • No structural construction in water needed
  • Simple integration into existing infrastructure
  • Fully functional even in flood twaer situation
  • Low power consumption
  • Detection of flow direction
  • Measurement range from 0.30 to 15 m/s
  • Blocking distance < 1 m
  • Non-contact fast measurement
  • Own measurement interval or externally triggered
  • Independent of environmental influences
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