yunzhou mm70

Revolutionary Solution for Eutrophication & Water Quality Monitoring

Medium-sized Monitoring Vessel MM70 is compatible with various chemical sensors, such that it can be used for spatial distribution of water quality factors acquisition, lake floor topographic surveying, pollution source tracking, lake and coastal water studies, as well as prediction of algae bloom.  The MM70 is an autonomous water sampling and monitoring boat designed specifically for environmental work with the following features:  

Water quality spacial distribution:

  • Monitoring point and route auto-planning
  • Spacial distribution of water quality factors
  • Algal bloom prediction and warning
  • Comprehensive monitoring eutrophication
  • Pollution source locating and monitoring

Online water quality monitoring:

  • Continuous multi-point monitoring
  • Real time data transmission
  • Compatible with various chemical sensors
  • 10 hour endurance and 49.7 mile voyage range

Autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance:

  • Fully unmanned operation
  • Auto/manual navigation mode
  • 1.24 mile remote control range
  • GPS positioning
  • Directly click destination on map

Standardized water sampling:

  • Automatic water sampling at a fixed time and location
  • Multi-point sampling according to preset route
  • Sampling report automatically generated


  • Length = 57.87"
  • Width = 35.43"
  • Height = 23.62"
  • Weight = 127.87 lbs.
  • Endurance = 10 hours at max speed ( 4.47 mph )
  • Communication range - For control, RF point to point 6.21 miles / For video, WiFi, 3.12 miles

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