yunzhou ms70

Revolutionary Solution for Water Sampling

Medium-sized Automatic Sampling Vessel MS70 is one of the unmanned surface vehicles (USV) designed by Yunzhou-Tech for routine multiple-point water sampling. Its medium size allows greater sampling volume so the MS70 can perform water sampling with a capacity up to 16L. The sampling process strictly follows the national and industrial standards.  A mission report is generated automatically after each sampling. The handheld terminal can be used to remotely control the boat or to monitor its working status. Also, with the optional base station, the sampling mission can be edited and the sampling data can be stored in the database. Based on these advantages, the MS70 is the perfect solution for sampling large lakes and reservoirs.

Autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance:

  • Fully unmanned operation
  • Auto/manual navigation mode
  • 1.24 mile remote control range
  • GPS positioning
  • Directly click destination on map

Standardized water sampling:

  • Automatic water sampling at a fixed time and location
  • Multi-point sampling according to preset route
  • Sampling report automatically generated


  • Length = 57.87"
  • Width = 35.43"
  • Height = 23.62"
  • Weight = 143.3 lbs.
  • Endurance = 10 hours at 4.47 mph, 3 hours at 6.71 mph
  • Communication range - For control, RF point to point 6.21 miles / For video, WiFi, 3.12 miles

Yunzhou Autonomous Boat Brochure